services are everything

Services are
the new electricity.

Everything is becoming a subscription, or a slice of one.

Residential & commercial users expect services like any amenity.

Operators & developers can build value and revenue with services.

Service integration is
the new power cable.

Last Meter® packages sustainable services as part of your building.

Subscriptions supported by servicepoints, wrapped in data.

Services must be integrated like electricity: for quality, cost, trust.

Sustainable cities are
built on integration.

Post-carbon consumption is based on a circular economy.

Returns, repairs, rentals, waste recovery, returnable packaging.

Subscriptions and servicepoints are needed to drive this change.

welcome to the last meter®

The Last Meter® is a toolkit and community of partners to support the integration of services into modern multi-user real estate.

Real estate operators choose service experiences for their users, install service points, & get platform tools to compose value over time.

Last Meter® builds long-term value, efficiency, trust - and a runway for the circular economy starting where we are.

Add essential services to your buildings and tenant experiences and become part of the climate solution and circular economy today.


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